Frequently Asked Questions

Can I ship directly to someone else?

Absolutely! We love shipping gifts directly to recipients for you. All you need to do is ensure that the shipping name and address are correct at checkout. Please note that if you pay with Paypal, it can sometimes automatically update your shipping address to match your billing address. If this happens, please don't worry, just drop us an email at: with the correct shipping name and address.

If I ship to someone else, can I add a message?

Of course! We offer complimentary greetings cards to go inside orders, this can be found under the 'Gifts' page. Simply click the product titled 'Complimentary Greetings Card', type out your message and add to your basket!

Are Bridget&Fleur eco friendly?

We work as hard as we can to make our products as eco friendly as possible. We try to use as little plastic as possible and use recyclable materials. - We only use soy wax in our products which is 100% vegan and biodegradable. - Our packaging consists of cardboard boxes, paper tape and wood wool. - The glassine bags that we use for many products are also recyclable (please ensure you remove stickers before recycling) - The bath bombs are packaged in recyclable shrink wrap - Our chocolate is locally produced and packed in recylable packaging

How long do the wax melt bars last?

Our bars are around 50g and you can snap them into 5 smaller pieces. How many you want to put in your burner at a time is entirely up to you (I usually use 2). Due to the high quality wax and fragrance oil used, they last a long time! It all depends on how hot your burner gets but they will last around 12 hours. So, if you only use 1 at a time, that's 60 hours from 1 bar! They also have a great cold scent throw (so when you're not burning it, you'll still be able to smell it)!

How do I change over my wax melt?

When you've come to the end of a wax melt or you just fancy a change, they're super easy to change over. 1. Light your tea light under the melt (or if you have an electric burner - turn it on) 2. Leave it for a few minutes until you see the edge of the melt start to go a little shiny. 3. Press down on one side of the melt and it should start to move a little. Blow your tea light out / turn off your burner and push on your melt until it slides up and you can just pop it out. If it doesn't slide out easily, just leave it a few more minutes for the edges to soften up a bit more. 4. Use a dry cloth to wipe out / clean the burner dish. 5. Pop in your new melt, light your tea light and enjoy!

Do you do custom wax melt orders?

Absolutely! We are more than happy to do custom orders, they're especially popular as small gifts/favours for events like: Baby Showers, Weddings, Christenings, Event Launches, etc. We can do smaller bags or bars with scents of your choice. We can also add a custom label to each specific for your event. Please drop us an email to discuss prices at: